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Blooming Specials and Blooming Paphs. August 22, 2015


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Plant of the Week
Stanhopea nigrovialocea

This easily grown group of fascinating orchids have showy often highly perfumed flowers 10 - 15 cm across which are produced at the base of the pseudobulbs. They grow vertically downwards through the potting media and flower underneath the plant. Flowers can appear from Spring to Autumn with older plants flowering a number of tunes over the season. The spectacular waxy, heavily textured flowers are relatively short lived (up to 1 week) but are guaranteed to create interest and pleasure for the grower and their visitors.

 Stanhopeas are found from Mexico through Central America to the orchid rich forests of Colombia, Equador, Peru and Brazil. They grow at a range of altitudes from 500 feet to 7,000 feet. Approximately 50 species are currently described, many of which are now becoming available to collectors all over the world.

As they flower underneath the plant, a wire basket lined with paperbark (a thin layer) and a medium pine bark (orchid bark) produces excellent results. However they can be grown as specimens on cork or fern slabs, mounted with a small amount of sphagnum moss or similar fibre.

Repotting is best done in spring as the new growth appears. Older plants can be divided to a minimum of 3 bulb pieces. Best results are obtained with 5 - 10 bulb pieces. Water frequently during the growing season (Spring, Summer, Autumn) reducing to approximately weekly intervals in the colder months.

Fertilize with Osmaocote Plus every 6 months and orchid feed with a suitable orchid fertilizer (eg. Peters Yellow). Plenty of water and feeding in the growing season will be greatly appreciated by these plants and will repay the grower with rapid growth and a spectacular fragrant display of flowers from late spring to early autumn.

Generally Stanhopeas grow best in enclosed areas or areas protected from the weather. They can be grown on patios and covered areas, ferneries and under trees, but growth will be slower. Species from higher altitudes, eg. S. nigroviolacea, S. tigrina, S. wardii, and S. oculata are very happy given some protection for their large leaves from the sun and wind in summer and from heavy frost in winter.

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