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Angraecoids and Related Species
from Africa, Madagascar and Comoro Islands


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This page was last updated September 17, 2013
Plants listed on this page should not be presumed to be in bloom.


Aerangis clavigera (synonym macrocentra)
This miniature, temperature tolerant epiphyte is endemic to eastern coastal and central Madagascar. These are young seedlings in two inch pots, $22, or mounted for $25. Check the size and click on "Add to Cart".

Aerangis citrata 'Ching Hua' x self
Delicate ivory to creamy yellow, citrus scented flowers on relatively long spike. Grow them warm and shady. This is a selfing of a very fine clone. Blooming size, mounted, $25.

Aerangis fastuosa
This dwarf, twig epiphyte is found in Madagascar. This species is  hot growing,  The flowers which occur in the late winter and spring are large, long lasting and fragrant at night.  Plants are mounted and $25.

Aerangis (fastuosa x articulata)
Both parents are pictured on the left. The flowers are fragrant. Blooming size plant in 2 inch clay pot, $20.

Aerangis (fastuosa x citrata)
These offspring will be white with a long spur. Plants are blooming size and mounted, $25.  Both parents are pictured on the left.



Aerangis kotschyana x sib
This medium sized African plant is very fragrant and does really well in low light and high humidity. Sends out 12" - 18" spikes in the fall/winter and is best mounted. Our mounts are $25.

Aerangis mystacidii x self
This miniature, epiphytic species is found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia  along streams on small twigs overhanging water. Flowers occur in the summer and fall and do best mounted on cork with cool to hot temperatures, moderate shade, high humidity in the growing season and a cooler drier rest.  These plants are mounted and $25.


Aerangis rhodosticta var. luteo-alba
From Madagascar, grow shady and intermediate to warm. Miniature plant with disproportionately long inflorescence of pure white flowers with bright orange nose. Blooming size plants in 2 inch clay pots or mounted, $25. Check your selection and click "Add to Cart".

Amesiella monticola
A relatively newly  described, miniature, monopodial epiphyte. Found in the Philippines on the edges of rainforests [Central Luzon Mountains] It is temperature tolerant species and can be grown cool to warm, evenly moist. It may be grown better at cooler conditions with good air movement. Mounted, $25.

Angraecum didieri
A miniature, temperature tolerant misc aecoid from Madagascar, that likes a  humid environment. It flowers between April and June in the northern hemisphere on a short inflorescence that carries a solitary fragrant flower.  It's mounted on cork for $25.

Angraecum superbum  (syn. Angraecum eburneum var. superbum)
A warm growing epiphyte found in  hot damp tropical woods on the east side of Madagascar,  eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. Grow under  Cattleya conditions. Blooms in the winter with flowers that are white/green, long-lasting, waxy, fragrant at night. In 5 1/2 inch pots, $35. 

3 inch pot

Angraecum sesquipidale
This is a large, warm growing species epiphyte, from Madagascar that produces up to 6 fragrant blooms at Christmas time. Requires water and fertilizer all year round with good air circulation. This is the species that  Charles Darwin's predicted would have a pollinator with some structure that could reach to the bottom of the flower's extremely long spur.  His prediction was verified with the discovery of a long-tongued hawk moth. These plants are blooming size in 5 inch pots, $35. Or mounted for $25.
Check the size and click on "Add to Cart".