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This page was last updated June 8, 2014
Plants listed on this page should not be presumed to be in bloom.


Dendrobium Species, Hybrids Follow
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Dendrobium (aberrans x eximium)
This is a miniature Latouria type dendrobium, white flowers with some purple spots on the back of the flower. Flowers are very long lasting. Plant in 3.5 inch pot, $25.


Dendrobium (aberrans x woodsii)
This is a another miniature Latouria type dendrobium with sprays of mini-white flowers. Blooming size plant In 3.5 inch pot, $22.


Dendrobium Andree Millar (atroviolaceum 'Pygmy' x convolutum)
Green petals and sepals with a purple lip. Blooming size plant in 4 inch pot, $25.


Dendrobium chrysopterum x Dendrobium Jacqueline Stocker
Den. chrysopterum is a bright, two tone orange flower and Den. Jacquie Stacker is
(lawesii x obtusisepalum) see pictures of these two below. All are bright vibrant colors so let see what this hybrid turns out to be. Blooming size plant in 4 inch pot, $25.



Dendrobium Mini Snowflake (aberrans x Johnsoniae)
As the name implies this is a miniature plant with small white flowers held upright. Very long lasting flowers. Blooming size plant in 3.5 inch pot, $22, or 4 inch basket, $25. Make your selection and click add to cart.




Dendrobium aggregatum 
Plants require a mild winter rest before flowering in the spring. 
Near blooming size plant (one year from blooming) in 3" pot, $22.
  Dendrobium batanense aka Dendrobium equitans
See Dendrobium equitans below


Dendrobium equitans (synonym batanense)
Found in the Philippines and on Orchid Island (Lanyu) off the southeast coast of Taiwan. This species is warm growing with intermediate light requirements (2500-3500 fc). Plants should be kept moist with only slight drying between watering. Flowers are very fragrant. Blooming size plant in 4 inch basket, $30.


Dendrobium bellatulum x sib.
These small plants are blooming size and willproduce pure white flowers with a bright orange lip. Needs a cool dry winter rest to initiate flowering.  Ours are tree fern mounts for $25.


Dendrobium crocatum x sib ('Wake' x Hsinying')
This size-variable, hot growing epiphyte is found in Malaysia and southern Thailand.  Bright orange flowers appear on leafless canes in the fall. Water needs to be reduced somewhat through the winter months and less fertilizer when the plant is not actively growing.  Large, blooming size plants in 4 inch pots are $25.


Dendrobium faciferum
This medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte is found in Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and Sulawesi. The orange-red flowers are produced near the apex of mature leafless canes. Blooming size plant in 4 inch clay pot, $25.


Dendrobium findleyanum var oculatum
Native to Asia, this medium to large fragrant plant blooms in winter and spring with 3 inch flowers on short spikes with bright green leaves. It does well in cool to hot temperatures and moderate light. Ours are in 4 inch pots for $25.

3 inch 
4 inch 


Dendrobium heterocarpum
Found extensively in southeast Asia in lowland forests. Plant is small to large sized, warm to cool growing epiphyte. White flowers with yellow and honey-brown markings produced in the winter and early spring. Water and fertilizer should be reduced from the fall through the end of winter and resumed with the onset of new growth in the soring. In 3 inch pot, $22; in 4 inch pot $25 or mounted $25. Check the size and click on "Add to Cart".


Dendrobium jenkensii
This species is often described as a miniature Den. aggregatum. I think the flowers are a little different but the plant does look like a miniature. We have them mounted for $25.


Dendrobium lawesii x sib ('Pololei' x 'Waterfield')
This medium sized, temperature tolerant,  epiphyte blooms all year round. It is from Papua and New Guinea and Bougainville Island mist forests.  This plant is best mounted on tree fern or grown in baskets to accomodate the pendant growth habit and a somewhat dry rest is needed in the winter so reduce slightly water and fertilizer until the onset of new growth in the spring. These are mounted blooming size plants, $30.


Dendrobium lawesii var. bicolor x sib ('Hsinying' x '#2')
Should be a very interesting color form. Plants are blooming size and mounted, $25.


Dendrobium laevifolium x self
A warm growing miniature species that requires a winter rest of no fertilizer and slightly less water. This species blooms on mature leafless canes.  In 2.5 inch pot, $18.


Dendrobium loddigesii
This is a miniature temperature tolerant epiphyte, lithophyte or terrestrial that comes from Laos, Vietnam, Southwest China and Hong Kong. This spring bloomer requires a dry winter and a wet spring and summer. The flowers are fragrant and long lasting, and arise from the nodes of  leafless canes. Plants are in 4 inch baskets and $22.



Dendrobium oligophyllum
This tiny, hot growing,  miniature epiphyte is found in Southern Vietnam and SE Thailand. The white flowers can appear at most any time of the year with 1 to 4, longlasting flowers. Water only enough to keep the canes from shriveling in the winter months and curtail fertilizer until new growth emerges in the spring.  Blooming size plant in 2.5 inch pot, $22 or mounted $20. Check the size and click on "Add to Cart".


Dendrobium  reflexitepalum
This medium sized, hot to warm growing epiphyte is found in Java and Sumatra. It blooms in the fall, winter and early spring with a single flowered, short inflorescence. As the name implies the sepals and petals are reflexed to some degree with a long white bilobed lip. Blooming size plants are in 3 inch net pots are $25.

3 inch pot 


Dendrobium scheutzei x sib. ('Big #2' x 'Big #1')
These plants are not yet blooming size, but when they are they will produce a long lasting, pure white flower with a emerald green disk. Ours are in 3"pots or mounted for $25.  Check the size and click on "Add to Cart".


Dendrobium trantuanii
This miniature, warm growing epiphyte with flat, strongly compressed, pseudobulbs is found in NW Vietnam. One to 4, large, thick, waxy, glossy, wide opening flowers appear in the spring on leafless pseudobulbs.  Near blooming size plants are mounted and $20.



Dendrobium unicum x sib
This dendrobium is often described as the shredded carrot dendrobium. It has bright orange flowers on a miniature plant. Available either mounted, or in 3 inch net pots for $25. Click on "Add to Cart".