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On this page we will include all the intergeneric
hybrids, using  Brassia,  Miltonia, Odontocidium, 
Oncidiums, Odontocidiums, etc.

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This page was updated on August 13, 2013
Plants listed on this page should not be presumed to be in bloom.


Alcra. Memorial Jay Yamada 'Kauai'
Large star shaped lavender flower with bold dark purple blotches. Large light lavender lip with darker lavender splotch. Plant in 4.5 inch pot, $25.

Brassia caudata
Easy to grow and bloom Brassia species often producing multiple spikes. Blooming size plant in 5 inch pot $30.

Miltonia spectabilis
Warm growing species from Brazil, Blooms in the spring and summer. Blooming size plant in 6 inch basket, $35.

Miltonia spectabilis var. alba
Variant of the above but all white. Blooming size plant in 6 inch basket, $35.

Miltonia spectabilis var. virginalis
These came in listed as var. virginalis but I can't find a difference (in the pictures) between this and var. alba. Blooming size plant in 5 inch pot, $30.

Oncidium ampliatum
This hot growing epiphyte found in the hot lowland from Guatemala to Peru and Trinidad. The plant is characterized by the large, oval, ridged, compressed, dark green mottled purple-brown psuedobulbs, that look like "turtles". Blooms in the fall through the spring with a large, erect or arching, to 4'  long, many flowered inflorescence. Near blooming size plant in 4 inch pot, $25.

Oncidium cheirophorum
A dwarf species found from Nicaragua to Colombia. This temperature tolerant epiphyte is often found growing in  full sun. Fragrant, waxy flowers are produced in the fall. This is the perfect orchid for people who love the "dancing ladies" but do not have room for the large Oncidiums. Blooming size plant in 3 inch pot, $20.

Oncidium edwallii
This miniature, temperature tolerant epiphytic species occurs in the Serra do Mar of Sao Paulo State Brazil in hot humid environs. Few to many yellow flowered inflorescence arising on a newly matured pseudobulb that occurs in the spring.  Ours are in 3 inch pots for $22.

Oncidium phymatochilum (aka Miltonia phymatochila)
A short, medium sized, temperature tolerant, erect epiphyte found in Mexico and Guatemala.  Many white, yellow and brown, spicy fragrant flowers on a pendant,  panicle. Blooming size plant in 5 inch pot,  $25.

Oncidium Sweet Ears ('Pacific Gold' x 'Million Dollar"
This is a bold flower with bright colors on a large flower. In 4 inch basket, $30.

The following Tolumnia Hybrids are $18 each or 2 or more for $15 each.
We will make the adjustment.



Oncidium Golden Sunset x Tolumnia Elfin Gem
This hybrid has an impressive, large colorful lip. In 2 inch pots, $18.

Tolumnia Pink Panther
In 1 inch pots, $18.



Tolumnia Genting Volcano
In 1 inch pots, $18.

Tolumnia Red Berry
In 1 inch pots, $18.

Tolumnia Tequila Sunrise
In 1 inch pots, $18.