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 Alliance Species
includes Cattleya, Epidendrum, Laelia,
Broughtonia, Schomburgkia



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This page was last updated on October 18, 2012
Plants listed on this page should not be presumed to be in bloom.

  Brassavola cebolleta aka ovaliformis
Small hot to warm growing, epiphytic species found in Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Blooms summer through fall if grown in high light. Plants are blooming size and mounted, $25.

  Brassavola cordata var. alba
Blooming size plant in 4 inch pot, $25.

  Brassavola nodosa v. grandiflora
These plants do best grown warm and bright. It is inconclusive as to why this variety is called "grandiflora". The plants are blooming size and mounted, $25.

Brassavola nodosa 'Mas Major' AM/AOS x nodosa 'Big'
The flowers are these plants can be quite large. Plant in 3.5 inch pot $25.


Brassavola perrinii x sib
Lots of medium sized, elegant flowers on each spike. blooming size plant in 4 inch clay pot, $25.

Cattleya gaskelliana 'Superior' x self
Native to:
Columbia, Venezuela. Cattleya gaskelliana is found growing on trees or rocks between 2,300 to 3,300 feet (750 and 1000 meters) in elevation in the Eastern Coastal Mountain Range, the Cordillera de la Costa in Columbia. It has been found in three Venezuelan provinces, northeastern Anzuategui, southern Sucre, and northern Monagas. Cattleya gaskelliana grows in tropical, humid cloud forests and somewhat drier areas where it grows on rocks in nearly full sun. Large blooming size plant in 7 inch pot, $40

Cattleya percivaliana 'Christmas Cheer'
This well known species is available in a semi-alba form rather that the normal purple-lavender color. Just like the colored form it blooms faithfully at Christmas time. Blooming size plant in 6.5 inch pot, $36.

Cattleya skinneri x self
Native to  Central America.  It is found in southern Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras into El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica growing in wet montain forests from sea level to 1200 meters. It grows on tree branches in open forests and is quite common in its native range.  These plants are blooming size in an 8 inch pot, $45.

Cattleya warneri var. alba
This species is native to Brazil and grows in lower elevations. Blooming size plant in  7 inch pot, $40

Encyclia alata ('TH' x 'Big Lip')
This medium to large sized, hot to warm growing species is found epiphytically on trees in open forests from Mexico through Costa Rica. There can be diverse differences in flower morphology and color in this species most often in size and the shape of the lateral sides of the lip. It has a honey-sweet smelling fragrance and they bloom in the spring through fall.rching, branched inflorescence with many, variable in color and shape flowers.  Blooming size plant in 5 inch pot, $30.

Encyclia tampense v. alba  ('H&R' x  'Aiea')
The picture is obviously of the normal color form. The expectation here is that the lip will be all white with lighter green sepals and petals. Blooming size plant in 4 inch basket, $30.

Epidendrum porpax
This is the normal colored variety. It has the same mat-like growth habit as the alba form pictured below .  Lush, well established, blooming size plants mounted, $30; in  3 inch pots,  $25.Make your selection and click on "Add to Cart".

Mounted  Potted

Epiporpaxalb.JPG (73520 bytes)  Epidendrum porpax var. alba
Flowers are green, plant has a creeping, matted growth habit. Blooming size plant in 4 inch basket $25.

Laelia anceps var. veitchiana
A semi-alba form distinctive for its amethyst colored lip. Very hardy, temperature tolerant range from 25F to 100F. December blooming. Species from Mexico. Large, blooming size, fall blooming plants in 7 inch pot, $45.

Laelia tenebrosa x sib
The plant grows to be fairly large and the flowers match the plant size. Flowers have rust colored petals and sepals, with a dark fuchsia lip. Near blooming size plant in 4.5 inch pot, $35.  Click on "Add to Cart".

Rhyncolaelia glauca x sib ('H&R' x 'Woltman')
This species is found growing on trees in mountain forests in Guatemala and Mexico. The flower  has apple green petals and a white,heart-shaped lip. The margin of the lip is complete, not heavily fringed like Rhyncolaelia digbyana. Occasionally, some flowers will have a pink color. Flowers are very fragrant and have a sweet scent and bloom in late spring and Summer. Flowers have a heavy waxy substance and are long-lived. Flowers emerge from a new growth and have a 4 inch (10 cm) flower stem that produces one flower. Blooming size plant in 4 inch pot, $30.

Sophronitis cernua
Miniature plant with small but vibrant red-orange flowers. Grow these plants warm and bright, like Cattleyas. These  blooming size plants are mounted and $25.