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The Picture Gallery this week features plants that have been given Certificates of Cultural Merit (CCM) or Certificates of Cultural Excellence (CCE).


Miltoniopsis santanaei ‘Parkside’ This plant was awarded a 97 point CCE in Washinton, DC this January. The description read “129 flowers and 34 buds on 42 inflorescences on an immaculately grown plant. Flowers were distributed around the plant in a visually stunning arrangement.

Pleurothallis flexuosa ‘Parkside’ This plant was awarded a 91 point CCE in Philadelphia, PA in June of 2004. The description was not available.

Phalaenopsis Sogo Festival ‘Parkside’ was awarded an 88 point CCM at the New York International Orchid Show in April of 2004. The description was not available.

Dendrochium tenellum ‘Parkside’ a 93 point CCE was given to this plant at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society Show in February of 2004. The description read “17,480 flowers on 437 gracefully arching inflorescences, uniformly distributed and held within and slightly above the immaculate foliage of a hemispherical plant resembling a spectacular ornamental grass.

Pleurothallis cardiothallis ‘Parkside’ was awarded a CCM of 96 points at the Paph Forum in Washington, DC in 2004. The description read “approximately 130 flowers and 180 buds on a very well grown plant. All flower parts reddish-chocolate with lateral sepals fused their entire length.

Bulbophyllum lobbii ‘Parkside Gold’ was awarded a 92 point CCE
Seventy-nine flowers and 22 buds evenly distributed around an imposing, exceptionally well-grown, 92-cm plant, grown in a 10-inch basket; flowers old gold, most of the flowers in good condition. Size and flower count far surpassed previous CCE award. This flower was also granted an 82 point AM/AOS.

Laeliacatonia Mighty Titan ‘Parkside’ 83 point CCM awarded in Philadelphia in 2003. Fifty-eight flowers and one bud clustered at the top of nine inflorescences on a plant immaculately grown in a wooden basket. Flowers magenta-purple, overlaid deeper magenta radiating from center of petals and sepals, noted for increase in flower count per inflorescence from six to 10 over AM award, and a significant increase in natural spread. Unusual result for this grex as parents were L. anceps var. alba and Ctna. Jamaica Red. (Named after our Golden Retriever)

Paphiopedilum Sable Knight ‘Dillon’ 82 point CCM awarded in Washington, DC in 2001. Eight black-maroon flowers and five buds on seven inflorescences, borne on an excellently grown plant presented in a 5 inch plastic pot with seven mature and three immature growths; synsepal and petals with white stripes toward apex; substance average; texture glossy. The flowers on this plant were not very exciting but the color and condition were very good. (named after John’s grandson)

Zygopetalum Blue Blazes ‘Barrie Ford’ CCM of 84 points awarded in Washington, DC in 1999. Fifty-five flowers and two buds on 10 inflorescences borne on an 80-cm tall plant with spotless leaves having none of the typical leaf-tip die-back; inflorescences uniformly displayed around plant; shape of flowers inconsistent; sepals and petals deep green with large chocolate-brown splotches; lip white with heavy plum suffusion.

Masdevallia Marguerite ‘Parkside’ Received an 84 point CCM at Summer Orchid Fest last summer. There is no description available as of yet.