Parkside Orchid Nursery Ordering, Shipping, and Packing/Handling Information

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If you are more comfortable placing an  order by Telephone, Fax or US Mail please do so by printing the order form and using this while you are shopping in the catalog.  Then simply use this form when you place your order by one of the above methods.

We accept payment by check, money order, or credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  We do not charge until plants are shipped.  If credit card information is sent on-line, all the numbers are stripped from the order and are sent encrypted via another route. This method is both reliable and safe.  We then remove the credit card number from the invoice that is shipped with the package.


Our method of choice for shipping is United States Postal Service Priority 2 Day Service  which is NOT guaranteed but our experience is that it is pretty reliable. We have also found that this service is  highly dependent on the local receiving post office.   We can also ship UPS next day AM, UPS next day, UPS next day saver, UPS 2 day AM, UPS 2 day and UPS 3day.  Of course these get more expensive as the time to delivery decreases.   We can also ship FedEx which has all the services available from UPS but have found them to be very expensive.

All of the above services balloon their rates which means that when a package hits a size limit it is boosted to a higher weight value. For example in some zones a package can get ballooned from a ten pound rate to a seventy pound rate. This sometimes happens because our plants are big but not heavy.

We normally ship Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week unless weather or show schedule prohibits.  We can ship Thursday if we use Express Mail or FedEx overnight or 2nd Day or UPS Next Day or 2nd Day.  

We charge you the exact amount the shipper charges us therefore it can not be billed until the day of shipping.  We can estimate shipping but cannot guarantee the amount quoted.      If desired we can ship United States Postal Express Mail which for most areas is overnight.  In some locations it may be second day. It is only slightly less expensive that FedEx and UPS.

We can also ship FedEx but caution you that it can be very expensive and during busy shipping times of the year unreliable.  

In the winter months,  weather is monitored and we will not ship if temperatures are below freezing at the point of destination.  We do use heat packs that have a 60 hr limited life.  DO NOT MICROWAVE THESE PACKS OR TRY TO REUSE THEM.

Packing and Handling

We charge $10.00 for the first plant if pot size is 4.5 inches or less in diameter or $15 for the first plant if the pot size is  greater than4.5 inches in diameter. We add $2.00 for each additional pot 4.5 inches  or less and $3.50 for each additional pot  that is greater than 4.5 inches.   Oversized plants in pots 10 inches or more in diameter will be charged $20.  We add $1.50 per heat pack that is inserted in the winter months.

Back Orders

We do not back order.  We try to keep the web store up to date, but sometimes we miss an update.  If an item is out of stock we will notify you immediately.  We do not substitute without first receiving your approval.

Tax Charges

All orders purchased by PA residents will be charged the PA sales tax of 6% regardless of where they are being shipped.  The charge applies to the items, and packing  and handling charges, not shipping.


Our frequent buyer discount  plan does not apply to online purchases.


We do assume all responsibility for the plants until they are in your possession.  If there is a problem we must be notified within 24 hours so we can follow up.  Future performance of the plant is dependent upon culture and we can not assume any responsibility after 24 hours.